First Impression

Top 5 Tips to create the best First Impression for your home.


1.  Exterior Appeal

Landscape the front yard, get a new door mat, and have fresh plants or flowers.


2.  Declutter

Its time to organize.  Decide what to keep, remove, recycle, give away or sell.  Less is More.  The less things, the more attractive and spacious the home becomes. 


3.  Depersonalize

Goes hand and hand with Declutter.  Keep those beautiful family photos for your next home.  Let the Buyers focus on the features of your home and not on your personal belongings.


4.  Clean

A clean home means a well looked after home.  Start from the foyer, clean tiles, shoes in closet, living and dining room floors, remove stains from carpets, beds made in bedrooms, bathroom caulking and tiles, kitchen counters and a sparkling stove, finish with a fresh scent in the home.


5.  Staging Furniture

What is the function for each room and stage the right furniture for it.